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I write here about progressive and new ways of working in a way that aims to encourage you to try them. I’m a new ways of working nerd, consultant, facilitator and trainer. For years I’ve been practising progressive ways of working whilst synthesising the mountain of information out there.

I came across new ways of working in New Zealand in 2015 after spending a frustrating decade in traditional workplaces. It was the first time I found consistent fulfilment in work. This beautiful and challenging experience was with a law firm and community organisation that features on the distinguished Corporate Rebels ‘bucket list’. Once you taste this way of working, it’s impossible to go back. I’ve now been a team member in three organisations that embraced progressive leadership, and have supported many more.

You can connect with Mark here https://www.marco.work and over on LinkedIn.

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Exploring the patterns found in progressive organisations.


Mark Eddleston

New Ways of Working Consultant, trainer & facilitator (www.marco.work)